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The success continues!!! MGBS is increasing in members, a clear sign that the much needed change is now looming… As regards to shows: Best Gloster & Best Opposite Head + 11 Class winners in Gozo. "White wash" also a great show at the MGBS All Gloster show with Best Opposite Head, Aggregate Winner & 9 class winners…. This is topped up by winning the BBA Best Gloster for the second year in a row!

January 2010 - Best Gloster 2010 - Bird Breeders Assosiation Annual Show

What a kick start to 2010!! Another Three Parts Dark Consort Hen wins Gloster Section (BBA) with 93 points. A Hen that I bred from a Three Parts Dark Consort Cock and a Buff Corona Hen last year. This is my second win in a row for the BBA Show and this time the judge is Italian - Antonio Castiello.

January 2010 - MGBS Annual General Meeting - Grand Hotel Excelsior

This overall was a professionally organized meeting in one of the best Halls in the Maltese Islands at The Excelsior Hotel in Floriana. Today I was very excited because for the first time I could prove to all Members that we can do it and make it BIG. We now have 13 new members and after the show report that Dave Thomas wrote in 2009, we can now officially announce that the Novice will not compete with Champion anymore. Cakes and Croissants are waiting for us outside so that during break time everybody can have a bite to eat!!

March 2010 - MGBS wins Cage and aviary photo of the month

A very good photo, that was shot by Mrs. Cassar showing her family celebrating with Manuel Cassar - Three bests in section. The photo was caught by surprise because everybody burst out laughing when Mrs. Cassar tried to take the photo with the lens facing backwards.

April 2010 - Breeding season

The breeding season is in full swing! I have 35 paired up and expecting between 100 to 120 hatchlings. I am very eager to continue the improvement I had in 2009. Actually, I think I will get a third helping from Kings Lynn again and help my friends get their hand on some more...

May 2010 - MGBS new rule. All Glosters have to be closed ring and bred in Malta.

This rule was discussed during the AGM and a number of members showed their disappointment because we had a member who bought Glosters from Italy and went straight to the show bench. The rule will be affected immediately and from 2010 all Glosters without the Maltese closed ring would be disqualified.

May 2010 - MGBS is now looking for a new club premises

The keys of the old club were returned to the Mosta Local Council. This was forced on us because the 10 year contract came to an end and the new rent is 5 times higher than the old rent. We are now holding meetings with MP's to find an alternative place.

May 2010 - Ray Popham & Brian Skeffngton to judge MGBS Annual show 2010

Brian Skeffington "A Rising Star" & Ray Popham both from the UK will judge the Malta Gloster Show in 2010. They both accepted happily and we are now looking forward for a bigger show than 2009.

June 2010 - New members continue to Join MGBS

More members, more excitement and more hype as MGBS continues to explode in numbers as everybody is welcome to this fast growing society.

June 2010 - RMF Publishing continues with sponsorship

For the second year running RMF Publishing & Surveys Ltd will sponsor in full the MGBS website. A big thank you once again!!

July 2010 - Novice Section Introduced at MGBS shows

Today I feel very proud that the committee decided to include the official Novice classes in full. Finally, a breath of fresh air to the newcomers.

August 2010 - The official Closed Ring of MGBS is introduced

Changes, changes and more changes!! We now have the official MGBS ring and anybody who decides to switch can do this without problems. The new ring is accepted at all Maltese Shows as well as in COM organized shows. "Professionalism at its best" I'm proud to be present as Secretary for all these changes.

September 2010 - The role of Show Manger is introduced at MGBS

Who can be better for this post than our dear guardian of the Club Joe Portelli? When we asked Joe about the post he was delighted and accepted immediately. He is not back in the committee, but back in the Show Hall were Joe always belonged "the true birdman".

November 2010 - Great Show with 470 Entries

Oh My God!!! 470 Entries!!! We topped up 2009 by 77 Glosters. We are expecting a great time with a hard fought lot. More feather quality should be present after an injection of birds from Nick & Annalain Barrett to Malta!!!

November 2010 - 2 Members diqualified

Two Members tried to get away with murder!! One member had eight Glosters with the closed rings widened; the other had a split ring covered in dirt….
Two words for the chaps "Trophy Hunters"

November 2010 - 9 class winnrs but missed Best in Show...

I'm a little bit shocked not because I didn't win it, but because I had 9 class winners and I missed it!!! Never mind. It’s only a show after all and it goes to show that no matter how strong your team is there can only be one winner. The rest, I am very pleased with: 9 class winners, 5 second in class, 5 third in class, Aggregate Champion with 118pts for the first time, Best opposite head, Best Consort hen, Best Buff & Best Yellow.

December - Off to Kings Lynn All Gloster Show for the third time

This is my third time here and I am really getting use to the people. The show was a little down in numbers due to bad weather. While driving from Luton Airport to Norfolk I saw car accidents, roads closed and the rain was so heavy I could hardly drive. Some exhibitors called in and cancelled, some started the long journey and turned back, but I had no choice and nowhere to turn back to and made it!!

The quality of birds was still very high, and the company was as good as ever. Coming back to Malta was just in time!! As soon as I got back to Malta all the airports in the UK were closed due to bad weather and snow!!! Lucky escape but I made it.

2010 FACTS

  • Best Gloster - TPD Consort Hen (BBA Annual Show) for the second time in a row
  • MGBS Annual General Meeting is held At the Hotel Excelsior
  • MGBS wins photo of the month in Cage & Aviary
  • MGBS All Gloster Show has 470 entries (increase of 77 birds)
  • Best Opposite Head - I win it for the first time with an Unflighted Buff up to TPD Consort hen
  • Judges were Brian Skeffington & Ray Popham
  • Novice competed in their section for the first time
  • My third visit to Kings Lynn All Gloster Show
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