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The Year of Resignations

This was the year MGBS collapsed!!! It started to fade very quickly after summer 2008 but for some reason unknown to everybody,an Extraordinary General Meeting which was supposed to be called never took place.

February 2008 - Annual General Meeting MGBS...

The signs of weakness in our club were now visible to everyone. An election was held and the only new introduction to the committee was Mario Farrugia. The rest stayed very much the same. To be fair we closed the financial year on a positive note, and this was as a result of promoting
the newly launched website, getting an official sponsor and doing fund raising during the Annual Show.

March 2008 - My first batch of Glosters Arrive from Kings Lynn

Today my first seven pairs of Glosters arrived from the UK. They all arrived safely in a specially designed wooden box. The floor of the box was covered in canary seed and the smell of the freshly cut wood significant. I gave the fourteen Glosters a bath straight away and gave them some fresh water and seeds.

Then the next morning just before I started my work I ran upstairs to have a good look at them. Did I like them? No! I stared at them and tried very hard to understand what I had just received, but I was really struggling!! I was used to big heavily feathered birds in my room. Not anything I was familiar with. Now I am faced with a foundation stock of slim like canaries, very colorful, most of them tight feathered and very lively. This was the birth of a new era…

That evening Nick Barrett called me and asked what I thought about the birds! Being straight and honest like I always try to be, I told him that I did not like them. So his next question was "Why?" I told him that they lacked type and he laughed!! I didn't see anything funny in it but he did. He told me that he sent me all the necessary tools to build a good stud of canaries. He also reminded me that I had asked for help in the form of "Stud of Canaries" and not to help me win the next show!! He gave me examples of heroes from the past who went to buy birds from top breeders in the UK to win the next show and smiled! He asked me again, "Where are these heroes gone?" They are all finished of course because all they wanted was to win the next show.

Nick told me to go back to my bird room and breed at least a dozen! And this was what I was going to do….

April 2008 - Godwin Spiteri is not well

The most admired member of the committee is not well. Godwin Spiteri - The man who is always smiling, the one person who breaks the ice when it all goes cold, the peace maker and the one who likes to tell a joke. My heart is broken today "It’s not fair" Why do these thing happen to good people? I guess my brain is too small to understand. All we can do is pray, pray that he will not suffer and that his mission, what’s left of it will keep his mind at peace. Thank you for the greatest moments we shared together Godwin. You will be missed by all Society Members.

June 2008 - Breeding season is over

The season is now over! I managed to breed 18 Glosters from the seven pairs I imported from England. The other 6 pairs which included the new white line that I got from Italy had altogether 28 babies. So In total I bred 46 Glosters form 13 pairs. My room is still incomplete and half of my cages are still empty.

June 2008 - More Spark in the committee

Today only 3 Members out of 9 turned up for the meeting! Me, Joe Portelli and Lawrence Caruana - Oh hold on here comes the secretary Alfred Zaffarese and he is late!! So that makes 4. I am fed up, the work load is heavy and yet the interest is dwindling by the minute. To make matters worse no minutes were read because there was none!! I pressed Joe Portelli and warned that this is definitely not the way forward.

July 2008 - New set of show cages

I ordered 25 new show cages from a professional woodworker. The finishing was good and now it’s time to bring my brother Kevin into action. Kevin is a professional sprayer and with him I discussed the colours of the show cages. I also told him that in the UK I saw Nick's Show cages and they were all so glossy that you could actually see your face reflecting in them. Kevin promised me that we can reach the quality needed and probably can do even better. By the end of it, the cages cost a fortune but the outcome was fantastic. Job very well done brother!

August 2008 - I resigned from the MGBS committee

This was the end!! After a row with Zaffarese things got out of hand!! I was to blame for taking action against the absentees… What a way to lead? I was to blame also for pointing out that the club statute is being breached continuously. So, my only option was to wave goodbye to the lot and I made my way out.

The next day I paid a visit to the Club Auditor Mr. Horace Vella. I gave him a handover of the club money and topped the petty cash with an extra €10 just in case there were a few cents miss calculated.

Septmeber 2008 - Mario Farrugia resigns from the MGBS committee

Farrugia was next!! I don't know what went wrong because I was not there!! But in the evening I received a phone call from my dear friend Joe, who was broken hearted seeing the club fall to pieces and he told me that he was next. He also told me that he would let the 2008 show finish and exactly after it closes, he will be gone too.

October 2008 -The club stops being updated

As expected no updates of the website are done! To make matters worse the front page has been spoiled because whoever is messing around with it was not capable of putting the show date right. The page is split in half and it’s an eyesore. It saddens me because I sponsored all this in the past and it was run professionally, now all I can do is seeing it rot!

November 2008 - A show team of twenty good qulaity Glosters

I am now relaxed and have nothing to worry about! All I have to do is prepare my show team and show off my newly polished cages and my lovely team of birds.

Show day - Judge is once again Kevin Stoakes. I have only one class winner and a second place. Am I disappointed? Not in the least… I had a beautiful Corona Cock which I believe should have been amongst top seven in its class, but the main thing is that I am taking it back home and I really like it. When I asked Kevin (judge) to comment about my bird, he said that each time the bird was moved it got scared and froze on the side of its perch! Better luck next time. Kevin did like my show cages though and he asked me how it was possible to achieve such professional presentation?

November 2008 - Joe Portelli (President) Resigns

Just as he said he would do! A man of his word like Joe is hard to find… At 4:00pm today when the show weekend closed Joe resigned. It is a black day for the man who was one of the founders of MGBS and now he has to leave it all behind. His comments are, "This year's show is a total disaster." The bird entry started two hours late, we do not know who won Best Novice and there is no Rosette to reward our best newcomer to the club. The judge left home without a memento, and as for presentation!!! There's much to be desired….

December 2008 - MGBS Members await the call of an Extraordinary General Meeting

Like me all the members are now waiting for an explanation to the disastrous situation that the club is experiencing. Joe Portelli (President) and most respected man in the club resigns. Mario Zahra (Treasure) resigns in June. Mario Farrugia (Member) resigns in September. Godwin Spiteri (Member) is forced to resign due to illness. According to the Club Statute when one of the three official resigns an extraordinary general Meeting has to be called. Instead of one we have two officials missing!! Let’s wait and see...

December 2008 - I booked a flight to see the Kings Lynn Show

What can I say? What a wonderful experience. This was my first visit to what can be called "Best all Gloster Show in the world" in Kings Lynn. I got the chance to meet the greatest people in the Gloster fancy. I was really pleased to find a well organised event with hardly anything to criticise. I heard a lot about other big shows which I hope to visit, but the Kings Lynn show left such an impression on me that I think it can be used as a bench mark and must be visited by all Gloster enthusiasts.

I even got the chance to visit Nick's and Annalain's bird room again! In there it was like a party. There people from Scotland, Wales, Poland, Belgium and me - Malta.

2008 FACTS

  • Three committee members resign - Joe Portelli, Mario Zahra & Mario Farrugia
  • My first order of Glosters arrive from Kings Lynn
  • Godwin Spiteri is ill
  • 294 bird entries in my fourth All Gloster Show
  • Judge was Kevin Stoakes
  • MGBS had 17 Members
  • 5 members only in the committee
  • Competed as Champion for the first time
  • Had a class winner white consort hen
  • Novice competed against Champion
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