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Best Novice - My first ray of light

This was my first major honour! A bird bred from a white consort Cock and a three parts Dark Corona hen both obtained from Vincenzo Scardina. The Consort was Bred in the UK by Mick Salmon and Paul Rutland.

February 2007 - Teledeal is the Official Sponsor of MGBS

After presenting my first financial report for the year 2006 it was announced that my Local Classified Ads Paper Teledeal was the official sponsor for 2007. I did this because the club's financial status was not good enough to do any upgrades. The committee welcomed this push and together we worked of a better year.

March 2007 - My First Contact with Nick & Annalain Barrett

With more than half of my bird room empty and some Glosters that I managed to buy from local breeders and from Sicily, off I went to breed some more Glosters. This was my third and last year as novice and I had absolutely nothing in my room. My dear friend Joe Portelli gave me Nick & Annalain's number and told me that every Champion started from Kings Lynn. He also told me that the present winner in every show back to back was Barry Alexander who also started from Nick & Annalain's bird room.

So I called Nick Barrett who needs no introduction to the fancy and being frustrated as I was I wanted to make sure that I get this one right. In fact, looking back at my first conversation with Nick on the phone, I think that I might have been harsh and probably a bit rude too. I wanted to
see his birds first, and without knowing what’s on the other side I kept thinking that I might get it wrong again, which was very unfair without having been there to speak to this lovely couple.

March 2007 - Breeding Season

This was the year of the Mites!!! The more I cleaned and sprayed the more came to the attack. I struggled all season to breed only 35 Glosters. My biggest mistake was buying birds from everywhere and taking them straight into my room. My plan was to totally get rid of the whole lot
and get my hands on Seven pairs from the Glenariff Stud in Kings Lynn.

June 2007 - The year I gave life to the MGBS Logo

In June 2007 I persuaded my committee friends to give the much needed upgrade to the Society Logo. Until then it was a simple line art in Black & White. They accepted the change and we started to order the first rosettes in colour. The change was welcomed by all.

July 2007 - Committe Meeting becoming uneasy...

The more we met, the more controversy arose. The seniors were telling me that I was too fast for them and I wanted to change too many things at once!! It started to become really uneasy and at times I went home with big headaches and hot flushes. My nerves were not good enough to take the calmness and slow action in the administration.

September 2007 - My First Visit to Kings Lynn

This was my first encounter with the Barretts. Finally no more rumours and stories!! I was there in person at Nick & Annaliain's home together with my father in law. We were welcomed with a nice cup of coffee and some biscuits.

Then we were led to the glorious bird room, I was gobsmacked! In the there, there were to Belgian visitors who had come over by car to get some birds. I slowly went round the shed looking carefully at every specimen and I was left speechless. In my heart I knew that I was in the Capital City of Gloster Canaries. I couldn't believe the colour and the feather quality I was seeing. I knew straight away that I had to look no further!

After the Belgians left the building I was asked the famous question "How can I help you?" I turned to Nick and my answer was very simple "I do not know where to start!!" The depth in their stud was phenomenal. How can you go in there and point your fingers at a particular bird? They were all recorded in a pedigree book, every bird filled in by the able hands of Annalain. I was told that the last Gloster that entered this bird room was in 1969, and so it was, all written and recorded. Then I thought to myself, "Who am I to ask for anything in particular?" "What do I know about this bloodline?" I turned to Annalain and asked to help me start afresh and build a new stud in Malta. I told them how hard it was back home to obtain Glosters and that the competition was closed between 5 people and the rest had to do with their leftoveres.

The clock was ticking and I had to drive back to Leighton Buzzard which was 2.5 hrs away. Before we left we were offered some soup and I was presented with a guestbook to sign. While flipping through the guest book, I couldn't believe all the names of Gloster exhibitors that were listed. All the big names were in the book, leaving messages of thanks and praise for the quality of Glosters obtained. The words that my dear friend Joe Portelli told me were real!! Nick & Annalain are by far the most successful Gloster Exhibitors in the Globe. So I placed my order "7 pairs" matched by the experts and however they wanted.

Before I left there, was one thing I hadn't seen ‘The Gloster Fancy Canar’ book. Nick told me that it was all in there, anything I wanted to know about Glosters!! But he held on to it because it was his very last personal copy. I was annoyed that it was out of production so I made it a point that when I get back home I will try to find a copy and buy it.

October 2007 - A beautiful White Corona Cock

This was a gift from above!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing… I called Joe (President) and invited him to come and see for a second opinion. When he saw it he liked it straight away. "I doubt how many better whites there will be on the show bench" he said. I was delighted!! Finally, something to look forward to.

November 2007 - MGBS Annual All Gloster Show (Scouts Hall Floriana)

The year I won Best Novice. It had to be the White Corona Cock to save the day. This was my last chance as a novice to win it and so I did. I had a class winner against the Champion!!! To make matters even better, sister of the same bird which was a white consort hen also won its class and this is how I dominated the White section in 2007 and went on to win best Novice.

November 2007 - Offered my resignation from the MGBS Committee

After the show I handed in my resignation, I had enough. I was not adapting at all…. I waited for the show to finish to avoid any hassle and spoil the day, but the committee did not let me go. Joe Portelli kept calling me at home trying to persuade me to be more patient. If it was not for Joe I would have left. Joe knew what I wanted, and he wanted it too but I was tired of dragging my feet with everyone hanging on to me to slow me down.

2007 FACTS

  • My Company makes Teledeal the official sponsor of MGBS
  • Made my first contact via telephone with Nick & Annalain Barrett
  • The year of the Mite
  • 280 bird entries in my Third All Gloster Show
  • 12 exhibitors took part
  • Judge was Nick Barrett UK
  • MGBS had 17 Members
  • 9 of the members were in the committee
  • Competed as novice for the Third and last year
  • Won two classes and Best Novice
  • Novice competed against Champion
  • Handed in my resignation from the committee
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