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Purchased 10 pairs of Glosters

In 2005 I tried to find someone locally who had the "Glenariff" bloodline. I looked everywhere and came across Ronald Bowman's telephone number on a website. I called him and asked if he had any Glosters from Nick & Annalain Barrett and the reply was 'Yes". So I fixed an appointment to visit his bird room. Desperate as I was to get my hands on a few pairs, I booked 10 pairs for my breeding program. I remember that these birds cost Lm10 (€24 each) €480 in total. I was very hopeful and built another new bird room in San Gwann (My present home).

March 2005 - My first ever All Gloster breeding program

Finally I had a stock of Glosters to work with. Many where Three Parts Dark; all buff feather and some had slightly large heads but at least that was a start. As an experienced Canary breeder I went straight at it and bred 95 nestlings out of the ten pairs obtained, making it an average of 9 babies per pair. I waited eagerly during the moulting season doing everything possible to make it right.

October 2005 - Table Show in Balzan organised by Bird Breeders Association Malta

October approached and I started selecting the first hens that I was going to keep. I had four particular Coronas which I was eager to show and I took extra care of them. The first opportunity to measure the results was in a table show in Balzan. Altogether there were 16 Glosters and my four Glosters all placed first and second. Two class winners and two runners up. I was very happy that my Three Parts Dark Corona Hen was awarded Best Type Canary.

November 2005 - MGBS Annual All Gloster Show (Birgu)

Being a new Member of MGBS I took part as Novice for the first time. My only disappointment was that out of 95 offspring I still had six Glosters good enough to show, but being patient with livestock as I am, I took part wholeheartedly. At that time even novice members had to compete against the Champions, hence making the system almost impossible to start testing where you stand in terms of show quality. Undoubtedly I left the hall empty handed as my six birds were competing in classes of 30 birds and over.

December 2005 - Selling my surplus stock

My first nightmare began! I couldn't decide what to keep and what to do away with. I had some that had to go as they had lumps, others had their coronas going in all sorts of different directions. My obvious move at the time was to call Ronald Bowman who I booked another nine pairs with for 2006. Ronald paid me a visit and together we chose what was to stay or go. I remember I could only keep 24 pairs at that time so you can imagine what the rest were like… A total of 62 Glosters had to go!! I went straight to my local Petshop and asked him if he can help me get rid of them. They were sold for Lm3 (€7) each. But he gave me some canary seeds instead of money for the last 20 birds.

2005 FACTS

  • I made some new friends - A great one being Godwin
  • MGBS members were very welcoming
  • 230 bird entries in my first All Gloster Show
  • 11 exhibitors took part
  • Judge present at the time was Kevin Stoakes UK
  • MGBS had 17 Members
  • 9 of the members were in the committee
  • Competed as novice for the first time
  • Novice period was 3 years
  • Novice competed against Champion
  • I had no placings
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