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(Not exactly a bone)

A cuttlebone is the internal shell of the Cuttlefish, a squid-like cephalopod. Cuttlebones have a grainy texture, reminiscent of pumice. This texture helps our birds in wearing down overgrown beaks. The cuttlebone is great source calcium and plays a very important role in the growth and development of our Glosters.
I recommend to always keep a cuttlebone in your bird's cage as being doing so you will be also helping your birds trim their beaks and do jaw exercise. While using the cuttlebone I realised that not all Glosters are fond of it. Some of them totally ignore it while others end up playing with it and chucking it out of their cage
. You need a watchful eye because If this happens you have to use other methods of giving Calcium to your canaries. (See Calcivet - Birdcare)

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