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Glosters like the rest of the canary families need grit. It could be crushed stone or shell grit. The grit is used by the canary in the gut as part of the digestion. There are many different theories about grit with different ideas, some ended up saying that grit is not even necessary in the canary diet!! Here again I suppose the difference could be in the environment, climate, type of bird or maybe different behavior from a wide range of different species. I personally use shell grit because of the calcium level it contains, which by the way is highly essential during the breeding season. The one thing you have to watch out for about grit is not to serve it wet or let it get soiled. I personally prefer to serve small portions on regular basis rather than fill up a big container and let it disintegrate. As well as digestion, grit also helps to aid fertility and hatch ability of the eggs, I have used grit for decades with every sort of bird I kept. Birds in captivity must have certain minerals at their disposal, as well as a good balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins.

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