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Quiko Egg Foods are made with real whole eggs and pure honey without the use of oils, which may cause rancidity. Quiko products are simply the best quality available.

TIPS Why feed an egg food supplement to your bird? A varied diet is the key to having a healthy bird. Seed diets are relatively low in protein and lack many essential vitamins. Pelleted and extruded diets don't offer variety and are many times poorly accepted by the birds. Adding egg food to any these diets increases the protein and vitamin levels of the overall diet. Because most birds readily eat the egg food before anything else, it is the perfect means to introduce vitamins or medication when necessary.

Important Vitamin Functions: Vitamin A: immune system, mucous membranes, growth & reproduction. Vitamin D3: Beak & Bone development, nervous system, muscular system. Vitamin E: fertility, cell membranes, antioxidant. Vitamin B12: Cell development, nervous system, process carbohydrates. Biotin: feather development, synthesize fats, process protein.

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