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SOAK SEED - WITTE MOLEN (Germination seed)
The name "Soak Seed" is derived from the method of feeding a mixture of wet seeds at germination stage.  Obviously this process involves letting the seed sit in water until sprouting. At first glance it sound very simple, but there are a couple of things you have to watch out for! The first and most important issue is the quality of water you are using, this is one of the main reasons why all the water in my birdroom is filtered. The better the quality of water, the better chance of preventing mold from forming. If its not possible to filter the water, a doze of bleach can be added and stirred well before the seed is soaked. Remember that moulds are a very toxic and can kill canaries. If mould is found during soaking you should not risk by rinsing or some other method, just discard of the whole lot. Cleanliness and freshness where soak seed is involved is a high priority.

The other thing you have to watch out for is the climate. Many breeders in Malta & Gozo read good books and listen to expert advice, but the most important element that they don't think about is our hot and humid climate. Not all the material found on the internet is applicable to us Maltese breeders and one has to be careful before trying anything. There are many experienced local breeders that can give you good advice and in this case it could be very fatal if you don't.

The sprouting process in the Mediterranean is definitely faster than other countries in the north, because of our temperature and soak seed has to be rinsed more often. In March we are running temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius and letting the seed sit for a long time in the same water can be fatal. No matter what the quality of water is, it is advisable to rinse and change at least three times every eight hours.

Feeding soak seed along with Quiko Special egg food is the most highly nutritious formula that I found during the breeding season.

FBS Ltd. has been marketing a very good soak seed mix for years now and can be found nationwide from all leading pet shops in the Maltese Islands.

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